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ClickKosh 2.0 Review – Brand New Powerful Web App That Converts Old Boring Images Into Shoppable Images Using Overlays Resulting In More Sales!

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ClickKosh 2.0 Review

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – Brand New Powerful Web App That Will Helps You Make Every Image Live With The Overlay Technology Resulting In More Sales!

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – Overview


ClickKosh 2.0 Review – What is it

ClickKosh 2.0 is a web app that converts old boring images into Shoppable Images using overlays. It helps to make every image live with the overlay Technology resulting in more sales.

ClickKosh 2.0

Clickkosh 2.0 will help you create an unmatched interactive image experience, It have been producing amazing results for beta users irrespective of your niche, market, brand or business size. Clickkosh 2.0 harnesses the power of visual content and storytelling method that makes it impossible to ignore and skyrocket your profits any way you want to use it… Possibilities are endless 

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – The Features

ClickKosh 2.0 Will Help You Make Profit From Visitors Like Never Before…

  • Visual Campaign Creator – Advanced and super easy to use point and drop technology makes it complete user friendly. All you need to do is upload any image, choose icon from vast library with animated or simple presets.
  • 9 Different Type of Hotspots – With ClickKosh, you can create upto 9 different types of Interactive Image Campaigns. You can create Video Hotspots, Shoppable Hotspots, Lead Generation Hotspots, Information Hotspots and much more.
  • Unlimited Hotspot campaigns – No more limits based on the size of your business and amount of campaigns you need to run. With ClickKosh you are free to create unlimited magic links for unlimited images.
  • Adobe Image Editor – Inbuilt – No need to spend hundreds of dollars on outsourcing or hiring a designer. They have included “Adobe Image Editor” without any extra charge. Create from scratch or edit an existing image with complete freedom and state of the tools.
  • 3 Types of Call-to-Action – Don’t limit your campaigns to just show and redirect. They have included multiple click actions. Inside your ClickKosh dashboard, you can simply add click to call, click to email campaigns.
  • 600+ Hotspot Animated Icons – Instantly create professional and highly engaging visual campaigns from a huge library of 600+ animated icons. Just click and select style that matches your brand and theme and you are ready to go.
  • 100+ Inbuilt Sounds from ClickKosh Library – With ClickKosh their objective have not just been getting people to engage, but also to click on the Hotspots Call to Actions. Hence whenever someone clicks the hotspot, a unique sound would be played so that they can get all attention and get them to click on your Call to Action.
  • Deep Analytics – With ClickKosh, you will be able to not just create Interactive Campaigns but also track whether these campaigns are profitable or not. You will be able to see the Interactive Image Views, Hotspots Clicked and even to the precise level of how many people clicked on Call to Actions and went to your Desired Locations.
  • Seamless Integration – Possibilities with ClickKosh are endless that’s why they have made sure that it works with your favourite platform. Use it with any page builder, ecommerce platform, wordpress, blog or any CMS ClickKosh works great everywhere.
  • Branding Customization – They are not adding those annoying watermarks for logos in the images curated using ClickKosh. You have all the freedom to customize your campaigns according to your theme and brand style. You can add watermarks, disable them and do whatever you like.
  • YouZign and DesignoPro2 Integrated – They have integrated the best of graphic designing tools right inside ClickKosh. Makes it super easy to design, import and excel at your campaigns.
  • Clickable Banners – Get over the old school banners that hardly gets any click or sales. Transform them into visual storytelling style hotspot banners. Create standard size banners to monetize your site on the next level.
  • Stock Image Integrated – Don’t worry or pay for stock images for your hotspot campaigns. They have integrated pixabay inside the dashboard so you can quickly select and use. Find the image or mockup that suits your niche, brand, market or campaign and you are all set to go.

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – How Does It Works ?

Clickkosh Works Like A Charm And Lets You Dominate In A 3 Simple Steps…

ClickKosh 2.0 Bonus

Watch Clickkosh 2.0 Demo

Click Here For More Detail

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – Who is it for ?

  • Ecommerce Store Owners – Showcase multiple products at once. Let your visitors have a visual and more indepth view to shop exactly what they want. And not to mention it makes cross-selling super easy for you just like amazon.
  • Social Media Marketers – Create and embed hotspot images right inside the facebook tab is easy. This is the cutting edge tool to encash your social media following.
  • Website Owners – Get over those boring call to action and marketing techniques. Show your call to action in fresh and unique way. Whether it’s about lead generation or selling your ebook or anything.
  • Affiliate Marketer – Showcase the affiliate products in entirely new method and you can promote multiple products at once. Inspire your visitors to take action in highly engaging method.
  • Bloggers – Captivate the attention of your visitors & encourage them to click and take action on your blog. Highlight the products, offers & services you want to promote & even generate more leads.
  • Local Businesses – Encourage your visitors to have an in-depth view of your products online and to take action right from there

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Today With ClickKosh 2.0…

  • Visually entice visitors to take action
  • Profit More from the Same Images
  • Create upto 9 Different types of Hotspots
  • Compelling and easy to implement hotspot in any image on your favourite platform
  • Remove the extra step and sell right through the image
  • Nothing to install or host, All done in the cloud
  • No Restrictions, Create unlimited campaigns without any technical experience
  • No Previous Experience needed

But This Is Your Only Opportunity To Get Clickkosh For A One Time Price!

ClickKosh 2.0 is a genuine SAAS. And they have decided to charge a higher amount the second this exclusive launch period is over, ClickKosh 2.0 will move to its $67 actual price. Get in today and you will be grandfathered in at the low one-time offer – along with all future updates. And you will never have to pay another cent ever again!

ClickKosh 2.0 Review

ClickKosh 2.0 Review – My Bonuses

This Exclusive MRR Bonus Package “Available For 20 FIRST Buyer” will be Yours When You PURCHASE ClickKosh 2.0 TODAY!

Eclusive Bonus for Buyer


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Thanks you for reading my ClickKosh 2.0 Review best wishes to you!

ClickKosh 2.0 Review
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