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Audiencer Review – The Next Generation SaaS Interest/Targeting Research Tool, Fastest Solution For Precise Facebook Targeting That Will Finally Get Your Ads Profitable!

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Audiencer Review

Audiencer Review – Swiss-Precision Technology Uncovers “Money Making Interests” That Were Previously Impossible To Get, For 10x the Return On Ad Spend!

Audiencer Review – Overview


Audiencer Review – What is it ?

Audiencer is a next generation SaaS interest/targeting research tool that was create to fill a looming gap in the industry… This is the fastest solution for precise facebook targeting that will finally get your ads profitable. Audiencer is easy to use, even for complete newbies, just type in a keyword and then dig as deep as you want with all the built-in tools. Simple as that!

  • Lightening Fast Start – Lightening fast access to interests that actually make money, never go wrong with your targeting ever.
  • More Profits – Find perfect people for your products or offers every single time.
  • Winners Every Time – Make each one of your campaigns turn green.
  • Intuitive UI – Better and more organized UI than the default FB Audience Insights Tool.
  • In The Cloud – Audiencer is a 100% cloud based software as a service.
  • Works On Any Device Or Browser – PC, Mac, Win OS, Android or iOS, Audiencer works on all devices and with all browsers…

Audiencer acts like a community where all the members benefits from each others hard work for mutual business growth. Audiencer learns from all the research processes users go through. If an interests is saved by a member, Audiencer will take a note of that.Next time you login to Audiencer, it will give you the most relevant interests for your niche right off the bat, so you don’t spend countless hours starting from broad keywords and analysing insights pages.

Audiencer Review – The Features & Benefits

Here’s How Audiencer Will Help You Hit a Homerun With Every Ad You Run On Facebook…

  • Deep Interests Extraction Technology – The first time you login to Audiencer you will know why nothing else comes close to it. Finally uncover interests most people don’t even have access to, so you could profit from totally untapped audiences. Get hundreds of profitable interests in a matter of minutes rather than days and be on your way to profitable campaigns every single time.
  • No-Limits Search – In FB’s audience builder, you are limited to the first 25 interests for a search and for suggestions. With Audiencer, however, you don’t have any limits. They use the marketing API to pull in maximum number of interests that may be useful to you. Just try “dogs” on FB and try it inside of Audiencer’s finder. You will see the difference immediately.
  • Self-Learning Algorithm – Audiencer’s artificial intelligent engine self-learns. The most interests you use in a campaign, the more results those interests give you. Audiencer takes a note of that and gives you access to such interests faster when you use it next time. Basically the more you use it, the better it gets.
  • Built-In Proprietary Scoring – With this proprietary scores and relevance metrics, you will be picking up the best interests like a Pro FB marketer. No more being uncertain if an interest is worth testing and if it should be included in your campaign. Audiencer eliminates all the guesswork once and for all, with its built-in metrics.
  • Search Roulette – Having a blank canvas? Totally out of ideas? Can’t think of any niche? Enter Search Roulette and get all your creative juices flowing. With just a single click, you will have access to niches and ideas, your mind never even thought of. Great for a quick head start.
  • Campaign Planner – Want to create multiple ad sets for a campaign? But wondering how to manage and track all the interests that went into a particular ads set. Campaign Planner is the answer. Easily keep track of your interests in your ads sets, even if they are in hundreds with this powerful feature.
  • Seamless Google and Facebook Audience Integration – Just by looking at the related pages on the Insights page, you can tell for sure if an interest should be part of your campaign or not. This is why, with just a single click of your mouse, you can see if an interest you just found has the right audience size, along with the ability to search for it on Google and FB™ right away so you could figure out in an instant if it fits your overall strategy… or simply get suggestions from that interest only and see what else can you find.
  • All Your Audiences In One Place – Audiencer helps you keep your research campaigns organized into projects and audiences so that you never lose or mess up your work. You don’t need to keep track of endless text or excel files with data inside. You can also manage your own or your client’s projects, products and niches separately to avoid any confusion.
  • 1-Click Copy & GO – Previously, you would have tons of tabs opened, Chrome almost freezing while you were struggling to find the interests file you saved somewhere on your computer. With Audiencer, you have to click just one button to copy all your interests and paste them over to your FB campaign. Makes it a breeze to launch a campaign one after another.
  • Zero Learning Curve – To really master FB’s default audience insights, you might need some expensive consultation from the likes of Jon Loomer. This is why they have made Audiencer dead easy for use, even for complete newbies. Type in a keyword and then dig as deep as you want with all the built-in tools. Simple as that.
  • Over The Shoulder Training – Make the most from your copy of Audiencer with over the shoulder trainings that explore all the aspects of this tool and how to best take advantage of its sheer power.
  • Built-In Tooltips – Audiencer will help you on every step of the way while you are researching with its built-in tooltips.Never feel lost, or feel stuck unlike as with other apps. Audiencer’s mission is to make you successful and they have made sure that you do get success with it.
  • 100% Cloud-Based – There is nothing to install and there is nothing to download. Simply get your logins, login to Audiencer, and off you go to find profitable interests. You can access it from anywhere in the world even on mobile devices so you could do research even on the go or (or whenever you have some “aha” moment about a particular niche).
  • Private Facebook Group – Access to private Facebook group so you could get all the help you might need from the team itself and hundreds of fellow Audiencers. Stay abreast with the latest updates, announcements and research strategies from fellow group members.

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Audiencer Review – How Does It Works ?

Using Audiencer is as EASY AS 1-2-3…

  • STEP 1: Enter your main keyword
  • STEP 2: Dig as deep as you want to get hundreds of interests, even the ones no one thought exist in seconds
  • STEP 3: Copy your newly discovered interests over to your FB campaigns with a single click and launch your ad in a snap

Watch Audiencer In Action

Audiencer Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

  • World’s most powerful and most advanced FB’s audience analyzer and interests extractor.
  • Uncover even those interests FB tries to hide during regular searches.
  • Cut down your research time by 50% by, bypassing FB’s 25 interests results per query limit.
  • Built-in proprietary metrics so you could choose only the best interests.
  • Self-learning artificial intelligent interests engine that gets better the more you use it. Get faster access to profitable interests right off the bat.
  • Never be short of niches and ideas when you can have an unlimited number of them with the single click Search Roulette.
  • Easily test and track even hundreds of ad sets with Campaign Planner.
  • 1-Click copy all your interests to your campaigns, Save and bookmark your interests for easy access.
  • Projects keep your and your client’s work separate for ease of use.
  • No need to keep track of endless text or excel files with data and interests inside.
  • Cloud-based, nothing to install or download, Regular monthly updates, Almost zero learning curve.
  • Step-by-step video training included, Tooltips to help you make the most from the app, Facebook Support group, 100% Facebook TOS compliant.

Get Ready For 4-5 Figures Facebook™ Campaigns In Minutes

What used to take days now takes just few minutes and you will be armed with the best targeting interests bound to transform your campaign into 4-5 figures easily. No more shooting in the dark, no more being uncertain.


Audiencer Review – OTO

  • OTO 1: DFY Research (recurring) – $27 Monthly
  • OTO 2: FB Ads Starter Pack – $47 Lifetime

Audiencer Review

Audiencer Review – My Bonuses

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Audiencer Review
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